Friday, April 5, 2013

Postcard from Cuba

Ahhhh Cuba. I miss you already. 10 great days seeing the small, medium & large of this amazing place. I've always had a fascination with Cuba, the music, the revolution. After spending some time there I love Cuba because it's everything you expect and everything you don't. 
Havana- You are a crazy and amazing city

Every street in Havana is it's own little universe

Che is everywhere

All the school children coming home at 3pm

Cuban breakfast is no joke

One of our many stops for a cerveza or a cafecito on the plaza

The Studio Taller Ayress. This artist & printmaker was so  nice & gracious. He had an incerdible body of work and was nice enough to show me his studio & work area. Of course I bought a print.

El Comandante at the tobacco farm
Pineapples DO NOT grow on trees

Viva Cuba!
              An amazing place that captures your imagination from the minute you get there.

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