Sunday, September 1, 2013

Inspiration and Etsy news

I've been expanding my subject matter greatly since the spring. It all started with a trip to Kipawa, which is just north of North Bay, Ontario. We rented the most amazing quaint cottage one could ever ask for. I brought my paints and the travel easel my husband bought me for Christmas and began to paint the gorgeous scenery. Now, it took a frustrating few times to get into the groove because people are my primary subject matter. When I did though, it felt amazing! The painting in my mind really reflected how happy I was up there so I've decided to paint more landscapes and expand my subject matter to interiors as well. That being said, I've put some of my favourite pieces up for sale on my store!  These are just  some of the new items for sale!

Pls check out all the new items as well as keep a look out for an upcoming sale! I know it's way to early for Christmas shopping but the fall will come before we know it and for early birds I will have some free shipping days.

On another note, I've purchased some amazing new books to keep me inspired and creative. These were just a few of the amazing finds from our trip to Maine. I was in a bit of creative rut and these charged me right back up and they were such a steal!

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