Monday, December 30, 2013

Reflections of 2013

Overall 2013 wasn't a bad year. I've come to see it as a year that will lead to bigger and better things. I quit my day job to pursue my art, moved to a smaller town and celebrated my first wedding anniversary. I always knew my path would be a bit of a long and windy road so this year rendered me a tad bit impatient to get things going but art is a funny thing. Just when you feel you've figured yourself out you find something that inspires you even more. I was convinced that I was done with patterns and surface design.  I'd fallen in love with illustration, gouache and the world of landscapes and interiors. Turns out patterns and surface design are not done with me. I don't know what led me back but after not being able to sell any work I'd had a professional illustrator evaluate my work and he encouraged me to dig deeper in developing my own surface design style. My OWN style?! I suppose I never contemplated doing that before. I sat down and dug deep, did a lot of research and sketched until my hand hurt. After a few failed trials it just poured out of me. I've loved fabric and patterns since I was girl and I've loved all the travels I've done throughout the world. Every country I visit I try to find some form of fabric or fiber art, of course it all made sense. Why hadn't I seen it before? Well when you are listening to creative directors, "trends" and sales analysis you begin to lose faith in your voice. I don't think I've found my full yelling voice yet but in 2014 I will along with making a living from my art and patterns. I have any resolutions or goals for 2014 it will be that and to do everything with love and positivity. Until then I will be quietly working away in my studio, getting better bit by bit.

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